About us

About us

Cleanpro started out as a manufacturer and supplier of laundry detergents and chemicals. Over the years, our chemical product range has increased from a basic set of detergent into a full range covering the laundry processes from pre-spotting to washing and finishing of garments expanding from commercial chemical range to general household chemical.

In line with the laundry sector, we gain experience and expertise in laundry machine servicing sector and started our involvement in trading a variety brand of laundry machines. Through the years, we become dealers and importers of laundry machinery. Soon, we develop laundry machines specifically to complement our existing business partner’s needs. Through the years, we have successfully developed our in-house laundry machines brand under the name Cleanpro. With this in-house brand, we are able to better control the machine quality and provides better technical support and after sales service to our clients.

In order to cater to our clients varies needs; we become a local laundry machine distributor for various well-known brands in the world. Over the years, we have developed good relationship with our machines manufacturers and become the sole-distributor to some of these exceptional brands.

The importance of explore online in assisting our business grows dramatically which triggered Cleanpro to start up Cleanpro Laundry Parts. Cleanpro Laundry Parts is a sector of the Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd which focuses on providing e-commerce convenience to consumer. We carry a huge range of spare parts in our warehouse and we supply genuine parts on all our range of products to all the customers to meet their requirement at the affordable price. Consumers can put their orders in any time, any place as long as connected to Wi-Fi. Customers can track their orders and send any of their enquiries to keep in touch with our service easily.

Cleanpro Laundry Parts strives to be the best distributor to provide the most efficient services to our customers consistently.